about Who is AJS Digital Group?

Who is AJS Digital Group?

Building strong digital brands that drive revenue is what we live, sleep and dream.


Based in Bath, UK, AJS Digital group is a media company, which is led by Ashley J. Saunders, who has over a decade of experience in digital marketing.


Since 2014, we have worked on a range of exciting projects. These include starting and growing an e-commerce company to customers in 10 countries.


We’ve also worked with a large American charity to grow its social media presence. Plus, we’ve developed over 50 websites and help advise on digital strategy including PPC, SEO and WordPress.


In addition to our Course and Consultancy service, we continue to grow our portfolio of affiliate websites.


ashley j saunders

Ashley J. Saunders

It’s easy to trace where my love of digital started. A friend’s dad showed me and his son how to write HTML code. Learning the basics of how to build a website sparked a love of digital marketing that continues to this day.


Over the years I’ve developed my digital marketing skills with a strong focus on SEO, copywriting and blogging. Even after all of these years, I’m still curious about online marketing, SaaS, and all things digital.


In the last decade, I’ve launched an eBook publishing company, a global e-commerce shop and started the current brands in the AJS Digital Group’s portfolio.


Also, I’ve built countless websites for a range of clients and advised many on how to develop and implement a digital strategy for their business.


Outside work, I enjoy playing guitar, tennis and exploring country houses!


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