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Quickly optimising internal links using Website Auditor

Yesterday, I was working on optimising internal links and was struggling to find a way to quickly see what pages linked in. I started trying to use Google Search Console to find internal links only  to be shown a fraction. Plus, it’s not up to date! I then remembered that I could use Website Auditor

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How To Redirect URL Using htaccess

We all bookmark pages all the time. However, we’re sometimes presented with 404 page on return. While this is sad, it’s also bad for a number of reasons.   Firstly, you can’t just delete a page on a website. You really should try and send that traffic to another relevant page or at worst a

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Does Website Speed Matter?

In my daily life as a digital marketer, I see three common issues with websites: the first is keywords, second is links and the third is speed. While I’ll get to issues 1 and 2 in future posts, today, we’re going to look at the third. So, Does website speed matter?

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