how to create affiliate content

How to create affiliate content that drives revenue

You know you should be creating content for your affiliate website as it’s the best way to generate revenue for your business yet you have no framework to keep you on track.


Without even a basic structure, you’re likely to give up and doomed to fail! Here’s how to create affiliate content that drives revenue to your website.



Solution: Use our tried and tested framework

You need to use our framework that we’ve developed over nearly 10 years of running affiliate website. We’ve successfully applied it to multiple different industries and niches.



What you’ll learn by taking the course

This course will teach you the framework to accelerate your affiliate content creation efforts ensuring you have endless ideas that easily rank in search engines and provide qualified buyers for your business.


Whether you’re just getting started or trying to breathe life back into an old affiliate site, the course will show you how to build a content marketing plan that works.



Included in our course on how to create affiliate content that drives revenue

The course is delivered in 16 videos with a colour booklet and links to a range of external resources and templates, allowing you to study at your own pace.


Who should buy this course?

If you want to learn how to create affiliate content that drives revenue then you need this course. It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to start an affiliate website or have one and are stuck, there’s plenty of advice for you that can be applied straight away.

What’s in the 16 modules?

Module 1: Commitment

Start with the right mindset, goals and expectations. We’ll talk about why you’re taking the course, how long each module takes to complete and what results are possible.

Module 2: What you need to get started

You’ll need a few things to get started including some basic software packages and our downloadable templates.

Module 3: What is a Content Map?

You’ll learn why you need structure when trying to grow your affiliate website and revenue from content marketing.

Module 4: Key components

Uncover the fundamental building blocks of the Content Map framework.

Module 5: How to generate keyword ideas

I’ll show you my top 10 favourite methods for generating keyword ideas.

Module 6: Storing ideas

I’ll explain the 2 top reasons most content marketers and affiliates run out of ideas and how to overcome these obstacles. The solution is far simpler than you think!

Module 7: How to validate a keyword idea

You’ll learn how to sort a list of keyword ideas to find the golden opportunities you can use to write articles.

Module 8: Using the Draft Tab to full effect

Once you’ve validated your keywords, you’ll learn how to start fleshing out your ideas and plan your future content arch ensuring your readers keep returning and buying.

Module 9: Customising the Draft Tab

As a framework should be flexible, you’ll learn how to mould the Content Map to your business and not the other way around.

Module 10: Importing your current efforts

If you already have an affiliate website, then you need a plan of how you’ll apply the new framework to your current efforts. Ensuring you have a solid foundation before adding any more content.

Module 11: Centralising your efforts

Having multiple documents is the easiest way to end up confused and unproductive. By centralising all of your efforts into a single document, your effectiveness is dramatically increased.

Module 12: Finding low-hanging fruit

If you want to write articles that bring in clients soon, you’ll need to find low hanging fruit. These keywords are easy to rank for, highly targeted and will drive potential clients to your website.

Module 13: How to check keyword positions

If you’re not appearing in the top 3 search results, it’s unlikely potential clients will find you. So it’s critical to check where you appear for your keywords. By regularly checking your keyword positions, you can begin to refine your content strategy.

Module 14: Planning your future content

How to ensure your content marketing efforts have a cumulative effect and your affiliate website continues to drive revenue.

Module 15: The power of updating old content

My secret weapon! As your industry changes, you should go back and revisit articles to ensure they reflect the current market. Also, updating is a great way to ensure you stay at the top of the search engine as you can continue to tweak your content.

Module 16: If you still need support

Need help setting up a Content Map for your website? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Key outcomes

  1. Generate endless content ideas for affiliate website
  2. Drive search traffic with targeted articles
  3. Analyse your content with our framework to discover what you should do more of and what to stop doing entirely
  4. Start your journey to building a successful affiliate website!

Why trust us?

AJ is the guy you go to for blog content strategy. He helps you connect the dots between content for the sake of it and content that drives SEO and importantly revenue.


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