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Quickly optimising internal links using Website Auditor

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Yesterday, I was working on optimising internal links and was struggling to find a way to quickly see what pages linked in. I started trying to use Google Search Console to find internal links only¬† to be shown a fraction. Plus, it’s not up to date!



Enter Website Auditor

I then remembered that I could use Website Auditor to speed up the process. Olga, who run their Facebook Group said that you can easily scan your website and use Website Auditor’s Visualization tool to see all internal links.


Within minutes I could see which pages linked in but also what anchor text I’d used. To make things even easier as the website uses WordPress, I filtered out category pages.


Within an hour, I was able to update about 30 internal links. 50% of internal links to those posts now have the keyword in the anchor text. I’m hoping for a nice ranking boost in the next few weeks.


Over to you! Use Website Auditor to build internal links

Hopefully this tip makes building and optimising internal links easier, and it’s all thanks to Website Auditor!


If you haven’t tried Website Auditor, the basic package is Free and the paid plans are very affordable. Plus their Facebook group is superb and the team are always available with tips, tricks and advice.

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